The Shaping Progress Academy

The first paid creative training program for students from all over the world.

Publicis Groupe Benelux wants to accelerate the diversity revolution and is recruiting the best creative talents from all around the world with different backgrounds, mindsets and skills. Virtually, we will bring students together for three to six months to develop their skills and indulge them with the best creative treatment.

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Our program

What will we offer you?

  1. Work on real briefings for real (inter)national clients

    Illustration - Woman with Messy hair Throughout your paid internship, you will work on real briefings from the Publicis Groupe Brussels and Amsterdam offices. You will also get to shine on global opportunities from the network. Your beautiful mind will be put to work on some of our wonderful clients, including Heineken, Disney, Orange, Renault and BNP Paribas Fortis.

    Illustration - Woman with Messy hair
  2. Mentorship by world renowned Creative Directors

    Illustration - Chilling man Combined, our creative directors have won more than 75 Cannes Lions, including 3 Grand Prix, a Titanium, dozens of Gold Lions and a Black Pencil at D&AD. But more importantly, they’re eager to work together with young talent. Like you.

    Illustration - Chilling man
  3. SPA Talks by the best of the industry

    Illustration Sleeping man We will organise SPA Talks with creative masterminds from all over the world. They will teach you how the industry works and inspire you. Among our speakers we have CCOs from AQKA, BBH, BBDO and more.

    Illustration Sleeping man

Our SPA Talks

Here’s how it works

  1. Tell us about yourself

    Apply as a Creative team by sharing your motivation before the deadline of 10/01/2022.

  2. Look, a real briefing!

    Competition week! As of January 10th all teams will receive a real Client Briefing. Yep. A real briefing from a real client.

  3. The final selection

    Based on creative output, six teams will be selected to present their ideas to our jury. Three teams will then be finally handpicked for the SPA.

  4. The SPA

    If you make it this far, you’re in for a (remote) creative treat that lasts 3 to 6 months. Your paid SPA internship kicks off in February.

Our mentors

Meet some of our mentors

The conditions

(Almost) everyone can enter the SPA

  • Are you a student?

    The SPA is only for students who are linked to a school that can enroll in an internship program.

  • Are you a creative team?

    Can you create, design, write, code, film, illustrate, photograph, or come up with an idea… ? Every single creative soul on earth with a problem solving mindset is welcome at the SPA.

  • Are you (remotely) available for 3-6 months?

    This is a paid internship program to work full-time with the best of the industry. As the SPA is open for most countries, the internship can happen remotely, or at our offices in Belgium or The Netherlands (see the FAQ).

  • Are you living in a -5h / +5h CET timezone?

    To mentor you properly we have to be able to communicate with you during business hours.

I meet the conditions

Our beliefs

Diversity leads to creativity. We believe in:

  • creatives who come in all shapes, colours and sizes.
  • creatives who are collaborative, curious and brave.
  • creatives who have a can-do mentality and eagerness to own their projects.
  • creatives who have a blue, red, yellow, green, … personality.

The Shaping Progress Academy

Why the SPA? Because change is happening faster than ever. The problem is, we can't always control that change. That's why we believe in shaping progress through collective creativity. It means that we transform change into real progress for brands, people, culture and society so that we can all play our role and take our responsibility in this world.


Any questions?

All the answers are right here!
  • Where does the internship take place?

    As we are welcoming students from all over the world, the internship will be completed remotely from wherever you live. We prefer to stay within a time zone of +5/-5hours. But hey, convince us otherwise?

  • Can I participate if I’m not officially a student?

    We wish we could say yes, but unfortunately the answer is no. We can only accept students who are officially registered with a school that accepts our internship program. Why? We’ll spare you the details, but it has a lot to do with insurance, contracts and other technical things.

  • Do we have to be a team in order to apply?

    Well yes. We believe the best work is done when you have a partner: someone to creatively ping pong with. If you can’t find a teammate and you’re sure you’ll be able to convince us… we won’t stop you.

  • What can I expect during the internship?

    With a duration of 3 to 6 months, you’ll be a true part of our teams in the Netherlands and Belgium. You’ll work on real projects and real briefings for real clients. We work for both local and international clients, so there will be plenty of projects to dive into. You’ll be mentored by our world-renowned Creative Directors and inspired by our SPA talks by the best of the industry.

  • Won’t a remote internship be boring?

    Nah, not at all. With the crazy Covid year we had last year, we’re used to work remote and still have fun. But if you’re in the neighbourhood of Brussels or Amsterdam, you’re more than welcome to come to the agency.

  • Does the internship count towards credits?

    Yes, depending on your school’s requirements. You’re responsible for following up with them to get your credits.

  • What does the application process look like?

    Great question. Here you go! Applications are open until January 10th. You will receive a confirmation email to inform your submission has been received.
    Then it’s competition week! All teams who registered will be given the same Client Briefing. Each team has 1 week to come up with the best Creative Idea and present it (remotely) in front of a jury. The three teams with the best idea presentation get the spots. Yay! The internship start in February and has a duration of 3 to 6 months, depending on your school’s requirements.

  • Will there be employment opportunities after the internship?

    We can’t make any promises, but we can say yes there will be opportunities. The time we will invest in you, and you in us, can potentially lead to a full time position in one of our agencies.

  • Is the internship paid?

    Yes! You will get paid a locally competitive internship remuneration.

  • Count me in! How do I apply?

    All applications are done through this very website. Submit your CV and portfolio to get a change to be selected!

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